Current Job Openings at Sportsman’s Adventures Productions

A Little About Us

Sportsman’s Adventures Productions (SAP) produces 39 original fishing television shows a year.  Representing Capt Rick Murphy, Sportsman’s Adventures and the Texas Insider Fishing Report.  Our shows include on location fishing adventures and studio live to tape episodes.  Saltwater Fishing’s leading television production company based in Homestead, FL.  With new adventures for 2017 we are expanding our brands and hiring team members.

Our Mission Statements:

Texas Insider Fishing Report

Texas Insider Fishing Report enhances our viewer’s fishing experience by providing weekly reports on current fishing conditions for fresh and coastal waters, the newest fishing techniques, and products. Using a high energy, personal approach, with a focus on the enjoyment of saltwater fishing, Texas Insider Fishing Report serves its audience and sponsors by providing prevalent and timely information with a focus on conservation, rights, and responsibilities of saltwater anglers.

Sportsman’s Adventures

The mission of Sportsman’s Adventures is to educate viewers on techniques, tips and tools to improve their angling skills to increase their catch. Presenting high energy, family oriented, on-location fishing adventures that provide entertainment as well as information on fishing locations around the globe, both inshore and offshore. Sportsman’s Adventures serves its audience and sponsors by providing prevalent information with a focus on conservation and the rights and responsibilities of anglers.

Captain Rick Murphy, Inc.

The mission of Captain Rick Murphy is to share his love of fishing and the outdoors by providing professional fishing guidance to anglers, carrying the message of conservation through angler’s rights and responsibilities. As an ambassador in the fishing community, a professional angler, and television host, Captain Rick shares his message by working with the private and public sector promoting saltwater fishing as an enjoyable, healthy and ecologically ethical outdoor activity for all.

Take a look at our open positions and submit an application — we’ll be in touch if you fit our needs for the role.

Current Job Openings at SAP:

Marketing & Communications Manager

Social Media Specialist

Production Assistant