Chad Kinney

Lower Coast


Down for the Count

Hello, my name is Chad Kinney, but just about everyone calls me Bamm Bamm. You see, years ago I was fishing with a friend and his kids on an overnight tuna trip.

We landed a 100-lb.+ yellowfin, and I boated it. It was going nuts on deck and the kids wouldn’t hand me the bat. So I jumped on it and hit it with my fist in a soft spot behind the head. (When I was growing up, I used to box in Mexico to earn money!) The tuna was down for the count. My buddy, who was on the bridge, kept yelling, “Settle down Bamm Bamm.” And, well, the name stuck.

Habit Turns Into a Business

When I was 4, my mom, dad and brother, Todd, moved from Wisconsin to Texas. The story goes that I made a beeline for the bank, dropped my line and from then on bugged my dad to take me fishing every chance we got.

Their encouragement and that of my wife, Erika’s, helped turn my fishing habit into a business. I started guiding in the ‘90s. In 2013, I opened a marina in Port Mansfield and launched Bamm Bamm Charter. Erika runs the store while I charter––we’re the total package! Our three daughters, Kirsten, Meagan and Kailey, make life complete.

I specialize in inshore, offshore and bottom fishing “reef.” Port Mansfield offers all that as well as a wide variety of species just waiting to be caught. My favorite outings are overnight floater rig trips, and my favorite species is yellowfin tuna, because they fight hard and are mighty good to eat.

The best thing I like about what I do is being outdoors enjoying Mother Nature. Second best is meeting people from all over and helping them create lifelong memories on the water.

I am a member of CCA Texas and donate several trips annually to raise money in support of the organization’s conservation efforts.

Tournament Wins

Over the years, I have won tag and release in these tournaments: Bay Fishing Texas International, Port Mansfield Shallow Sport Invitation, Poco Bueno and Bisbees Black & Blue Marlin out of Cabo San Lucas. The same goes for offshore tourneys.

Insider Contributor

When Rick kicked off Texas Insider Fishing Report in 2017, he recruited me to report on Texas’s Lower Coast region. Working with Rick is an extremely positive experience. He’s professional, makes transitions easy and provides excellent guidance on how to get the info needed for the show. Plus, he’s a lot of fun to fish with! I enjoy being part of the Texas team. Thanks Rick!